COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions

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Health and Safety

For more information on health and safety measures, visit our health and safety page. 

As outlined by the Ministry of Education, masks will not be required for students, staff and visitors in schools, school board offices, or on student transportation. We will continue to promote respectful, welcoming and inclusive environments for individuals who choose to wear, or not to wear a mask.

As some students and staff may choose to continue to wear masks or eye protection, the school will continue to provide masks when needed.

Students, staff members and school visitors will no longer be required to wear masks in school. Individuals who feel more comfortable or are advised or required to wear a mask can continue to wear a mask and will be supported in doing so.

Individuals are reminded of their personal obligation to wear a mask in accordance with the COVID-19 School and Child-Care Screening Tool and federal travel requirements.

The Government of Ontario has announced that school cases will no longer be reported. As York Region Public Health is no longer actively managing cases and dismissing cohorts, daily screening for students and staff is more important than ever. Individuals who do not pass screening must not enter the school or child care and follow the guidance provided in the screening tool. If you have tested positive or been exposed to a positive case, please refer to the screening tool instructions or refer to for more information.

It is recommended that staff, students and visitors continue to self-screen every day before attending school using the COVID-19 School and Child-Care Screening Tool (please click on Check for Symptoms Daily), Following public health guidance, individuals should stay home if they are feeling ill to prevent the spread of illness.

As outlined by York Region Public Health, based on symptoms, if the screening tool advises your child must isolate, assume your child has a COVID-19 infection. Please refer to the screening tool instructions or refer for more information.


We know families have many questions about the public reporting of school cases, following the Government of Ontario’s announcement that school cases will no longer be reported. In place of reporting COVID-19 cases, the Ministry of Education is requiring schools to monitor. We remain committed to being transparent with our families and will ensure this information is accessible on the COVID-19 reporting page on our Board website

In addition, as noted above, there may be occasions when classrooms or schools are required to close to in-person learning as a result of isolation requirements. We will also share data on classroom and school closures on the COVID-19 reporting page on our Board website

Please see our health and safety page for additional information about health and safety measures in place.

As outlined by York Region Public Health, “there is no requirement for parent(s)/guardian(s) to report their child’s PCR/RAT results to the school or child care as part of absence reporting.” Based on symptoms, if the screening tool advises your child must isolate, assume your child has a COVID-19 infection.

The provincial government will continue to provide school boards with access to rapidantigen tests to be used in accordance with provincial guidance. We will continue to share information with families as it becomes available. 

Ontarians can also get a free rapid antigen test kit for at-home use.

No, at this point in time, students are not required to be vaccinated against COVID-19 in order to attend school in-person. For more information about vaccines, please visit  


Students, including elementary students, may go home at lunch time. Families should consult with their school regarding their school's lunch time procedures.


Parents may resume dropping off lunches.  However, it is strongly recommended for students remaining at school for lunch to bring their lunch, including hot lunches. 

Individual food delivery services are not currently accepted.


Food programs may resume as per past practices; schools are reminded to follow safe food storage and handling guidelines.Secondary cafeterias will be reopened on a phased approach.

Classrooms with mechanical ventilation will be fitted with MERV13 filters, fresh air rates will be increased to maximum the system can provide before discomfort and a 2 hour purge will occur each morning before staff and students arrive and 2 hours after staff and students leave.

Classrooms without mechanical ventilation, isolation rooms and Kindergarten classes are provided with Portable HEPA Air filter units. School-specific details will be shared using a Ministry template dashboard.


School vehicles can operate at full capacity. For more information, visit the COVID-19 Student Transportation webpage.


Learning Model/Teaching and Learning

For 2022-23 school year, we will have an Elementary Virtual School and a Secondary Virtual School. We are not offering a hybrid learning model in 2022-2023. For more information, including frequently asked questions, visit our virtual schools pages.



Families should contact their child’s school to report their child’s absence.


Our school staff will work with all students to support their transition back to school, including students who were previously learning online. 

During the return to school, there will also be an intentional focus on mental health and well-being as we return to school. Resources and professional learning will be provided to staff prior to the first day of school. If you have concerns about your child, please speak with your child’s teacher. 


For questions related to international students, please contact