Frequently Asked Questions

Answer (A): The HRCO at YRDSB is an arms-length office for Human Rights Code compliance under YRDSB’s Human Rights Policy #240. The role of the HRCO is to:

  • Act upon receipt of general correspondences and/or reporting of human rights concerns promptly, fairly, judiciously and with confidentiality; and
  • Support and facilitate preventable actions through human rights education and training with the goal of fostering working and inclusive learning environments.

​Any member of the YRDSB community may contact the HRCO on a human rights concern or a belief they have been the recipient of harassment and/or discrimination under a protected ground identified in the Board’s Policy #240, Human Rights: Code-Related Harassment and Discrimination.

A: Yes. The HRCO staff will be working from off-site locations and will be attending to all matters directed to the HRCO.

A: If you attended an in-person consultation with HRCO staff prior to March 13, 2020, you may receive follow-up correspondence relating to a determination on your complaint. In-person consultations are being postponed until further notice, although an HRCO staff member may follow up via telephone or email to assist in resolving or referring your complaint, as appropriate.

A: Typically when a human rights complaint is submitted to the HRCO, an in-person consultation is scheduled to gather further information from the individual making the complaint. Due to the restrictions on access to Board property, including the HRCO office, we are not able to hold in-person meetings until further notice. The HRCO will be reviewing all complaints as they are submitted, and responding via telephone or email to assist in resolving or referring any complaint, as appropriate.

A: The HRCO cannot schedule in-person consultations at this time. It may be possible, given the nature of each complaint, to complete the preliminary assessment process via email, by telephone or through video conferencing, as appropriate. Review of each complaint and a decision on next steps is done on a case-by-case basis, in line with Policy #240, Human Rights: Code-Related Harassment and Discrimination.

A: If you believe you are experiencing harassment and discrimination by a member of the YRDSB community, the HRCO requires a completed Reporting Form detailing your complaint in order to proceed with a review. The Reporting Form, and other information about the HRCO process, can be found online at:

A: While all YRDSB schools and Board offices are closed during the shutdown period, the HRCO will continue to review all matters that are submitted via the Barrier Busters Feedback Form. For general accessibility questions or concerns, please email​.