Early Resolutions

The Human Rights Office (HRO) supports early resolution of complaints wherever possible. Most often, resolution entails applying restorative practices at the earliest possible stage. Early resolution is explored in order to give parties an opportunity to resolve a dispute in a collaborative and respectful manner that attempts to rebuild, maintain or address a concern.

Early/site-based resolution options may include:

1. Informal Dialogue

Any individual who believes that they have been harassed or discriminated against may choose to try to resolve the issue by directly approaching the person(s) involved, stating clearly that the behaviour or actions are offensive and must be stopped.

2. Mediation

If all parties agree, this option may be used at any time in the process. Mediation is a voluntary process and involves a facilitator assigned by the HRO who will communicate directly with the parties. It is an opportunity to resolve concerns in a mutually respectful manner. Information collected during mediation cannot be introduced as evidence in any future investigation.

3. Site-Based Investigation

If the complainant believes that the informal dialogue did not resolve the concern, they may bring the matter to the appropriate supervisor to facilitate an investigation within a timely manner.

4. Conciliation

Conciliation​ takes place after an investigation has been completed. Conciliation is intended as a final process empowering the involved parties to come to a resolution that allows them to move beyond the conflict. At the end of the conciliation if there is no settlement, the report is sent to the Director of Education or, in the case of a Board employee, to the Superintendent of Human Resources, to be addressed.​