Formal Investigation

When a human rights complaint has not been resolved through the early resolution processes, the HRCO may conduct a formal investigation. A formal investigation includes:

​1. Interview the Parties

​During a formal investigation, the HRCO will interview everyone involved, which can be a lengthy process.

2. ​Information Gathering

The HRCO will require a complainant to supply evidence to support their position, including written documents, names of witnesses, emails and other relevant information.​

​3. Investigation Report

Once interviews are completed and the necessary information has been collected and assessed, the HRCO will write a report based on the findings.​

This report will determine that the matter has either been:

  1. Substantiated; or
  2. Not substantiated

The re​port is then reviewed by the Human Rights Commissioner before being sent to the parties.

Learn more about the HRCO Complaint Process Flowchart (PDF)

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