COVID-19 and Human Rights

The HRCO would like to extend its sincere gratitude to all members of the YRDSB community for their patience and consideration during the COVID-19 closure period. While our office remains open and our staff remain available, we acknowledge the various challenges associated with providing services in this way.

Please refer to the Board's School Reopening Hub​ on its reopening plans as well as the Return to School Plan (Fall 2020)​. Please be advised that the HRCO cannot provide specific guidance and/or commentary on any school reopening​ plans.

​​Frequently Asked Questions

​Please note our responses to frequently asked questions (FAQs)​ or concerns that you may have in regard to HRCO services during the COVID-19 extended closure period.​​​

COVID-19 Letter from the Hu​​​man Rights Commissioner

On March 18, 2020, the Human Rights Commissioner drafted a letter to the YRDSB community in response to the COVID-19 shutdown.​​​​​