Charting a New Course Together

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I hope everyone had a great week getting back into the routine of the school year.

The strength of our Board comes from our people and I want to say a special thank you to our staff members for all that they do to make our students and families feel safe, welcome and cared for as they transition into the new school year.

Our Direction

We are a large board; to be successful, we need a precise plan to reach our destination, and we must be intentional and aligned in our work.

As a school board, our priorities are set out by the Board of Trustees in the Multi-Year Strategic PlanAs we shared earlier, this plan has been revised and lays out four priorities for our system moving forward.

The Director’s Annual Plan will help to focus our work in these areas. It sets out the six key goals to guide our work in the four priority areas. In addition, we are in the process of aligning our Board Improvement Plan. This plan will continue to focus on Math, Modern Learning and Mental Health. I know a lot of great work is already underway in these areas. We will be adding a fourth strategy on Indigenous Education and Equity.

Together, these plans will help to set our direction and guide our work moving forward to ensure that all of our students have an opportunity to soar.

Director's Profile

When I had the honour of being selected as Director for York Region District School Board, I committed to being open and honest with our communities. In the interest of being transparent, shortly after joining the Board, I posted my contract online. Recently, the Board of Trustees approved the position profile for the Director of Education, which includes key accountabilities, priorities and leadership competencies. Evaluation and self-assessment are important elements of leadership. This document will be used for evaluation purposes of the director's position going forward.