National Custodial Worker’s Day/ IT Profe​ssionals

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Today is National Custodial Workers’ Day. We have good reason every day to celebrate and be grateful for the work done by our caretakers and plant services staff members. Each day, they keep our buildings clean, safe, welcoming and well maintained and enrich our school environments in so many different ways. 

This year, more than ever, we have been reminded just how important their work is. Our plant services staff members kept our buildings running when our schools were closed. They moved furniture and placed decals to encourage physical distancing. They ensure we have hand sanitizer in each classroom so we can practice proper hand hygiene. They regularly clean high-touch surfaces to keep us all healthy and safe. They maintain, and in many cases upgraded, the air filtration systems to ensure air circulation through our buildings. 

They are on the front lines of our work to limit the spread of COVID-19 and keep our students, staff members and families safe and healthy, and an integral and valued part of our school teams of caring adults.  

We are so fortunate to have so many dedicated caretakers making a real difference in our schools every day. I hope you will join me today - and throughout the year - in offering our most sincere thank you to our outstanding caretaking staff and plant services members. 

One of the things that this pandemic has done is to really shine a spotlight on the essential work of our department staff. In a world that relies heavily on technology, our IT professionals deliver essential services, develop solutions and provide the support that enable us to deliver learning in new and engaging ways and keep so many of our business processes operating. That is what they do every day. 

During the past six months, as we have increasingly looked to technology to deliver solutions, our IT teams continue to impress with their dedication, innovative approach, professionalism and problem solving.  Thanks to their hard work, we have been able to continue delivering learning and services to our students, families and staff members, including:

  • Putting technology in the hands of thousands of students and families so they can continue to access learning.

  • Developing a secure way to deliver report cards to families electronically. 

  • Delivering online surveys and forms to families to collect important information during the school reopening.

  • Developing and supporting solutions to communicate important information to our staff members and to families. 

  • Providing technology support to staff members, students and families, including students and staff members in our virtual schools, as we all work and learn in new ways. 

Unfortunately, during the busy school reopening period, we regretfully did not take the time to celebrate the work of our exceptional IT staff members on IT Professionals’ Day. We want to take this opportunity now to truly thank them for all that they do every day, and for the additional and exceptional work they have done throughout the pandemic.


Louise Sirisko, Director of Education