Parents of Black Chil​dren (PoBC) Progress Report

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​Yesterday, several staff members in our Board received a message from the organization Parents of Black Children with a resource for families regarding progress reports. In an attempt to provide support, it was shared on a digital platform for our elementary virtual school families. In doing so, unfortunately, the message was shortened and did not contain the full message from the organization. While the intent was supportive, we acknowledge this may have caused hurt and confusion, and for that impact we are sorry. We are retracting that message and providing the information in full to families, as was the original intent and has been requested by Parents of Black Children. 

Our board is committed to creating safe and inclusive learning spaces for all our students. This includes addressing anti-Black racism. We are grateful to community organizations that support Black students and their families in York Region and will continue to share their information with our communities.


Louise Sirisko, Director of Education