Schools Closed to Students

The Ministry of Education has announced that all schools will remain closed to students beginning April 19. Please do not send your child to school. Remote learning will continue during this closure.

Online Resources to Support Students with Special Education Needs

Please be aware that this is not an exhaustive or a required list but simply a list of possible resources for student and family use. For additional resources, please visit Online Resources for Parents, Families and Students. Please also see Ontario’s Ministry of Education Learn at Home resources.

The resources provided below are not organized in a grade-based chart. Rather, this list of resources provides options that are meant to be accessed based on student interests, strengths and needs.  


Online Resource


Visuals to Support Communication

Tobii Dynavox Coronavirus Resources

To help educators, parents, and learners during this time of need, the Tobii Dynavox team has gathered resources and created Coronavirus materials within them.

Visuals to Support Communication

First/Then Board

Tip Sheet

This tip sheet will provide some information about how to use a First/Then Board with your child.

Visuals to Support Communication

Social Story about Coronavirus

Provided by Kerry’s Place, this video is intended to help families who support individuals with ASD, to better understand Coronavirus (COVID-19), practice better hygiene and cleaning, while sharing the message that feeling anxious is okay, and to seek help as necessary.

Visuals to Support Communication

Social Story About Social Distancing

This social story provided by Easterseals Illinois Autism Partnership will help teach your child about the importance of social distancing.

Visuals to Support Communication

Story About Social Distancing 

Time to Come In, Bear is a video story (1:40 mins) to teach children about social distancing.

Visuals to Support Communication

Visuals from NLC Communication Friendly Environments 

Visuals related to COVID, social distancing, etc. are available for printing and can be found on Twitter or on NLC Blog posts.

Visuals to Support Hygiene

Hand Washing Task Analysis 

Correct Hand Washing Procedure Poster from York Region Public Health.

Visuals to Support Hygiene

Hand Washing & Using Sanitizer

Poster on how to wash your hands and how to use hand sanitizer provided by Public Health Ontario.

Visuals to Support Hygiene

Washing Your Hands

This resource from Tobii-Dynavox can be used as a task analysis for washing your hands. 

Visuals to Support Hygiene

Brushing Your Teeth

Brushing your teeth task analysis.

Digital Tools

Boardmaker 6+/Plus

This 3 minute video demonstrates how to download a shared activity in Boardmaker Plus. (Please note that students will need to already have access to Boardmaker 6+/Plus through their SEA laptop.)

DIgital Tools

Boardmaker Online - Resources for Students and Parents

Digital Tools

Clicker 6

This 2 minute video demonstrates how to download and save a Clicker 6 activity from a Google Classroom. (Please note that students will need to already have access to Clicker 6 through their SEA laptop or a YRDSB imaged computer. Clicker is not available on a Chromebook.)

Digital Tools

Google Read & Write - Resources for Students and Parents

Read & Write for Google Chrome Playlist: A series of YouTube videos from Texthelp demonstrating how to use Read & Write. 

Digital Tools

Google Drive & Google Classroom - Accessing your Google Drive and Classroom from Home

This is a step-by-step guide (with visuals) to support students and parents with signing into Chrome, accessing their Google Drive, and going to a Google Classroom.

Literacy Skills

Children’s Stories in Sign Language

Hundreds of stories in ASL for signing children as well as tips on how to read to Deaf Parents.

Literacy Skills

Jack Hartman Kids Music Channel

This YouTube channel incorporates movement, visuals and sound/songs on any primary concept. 

Literacy Skills


Knoword is a fast-paced word game that challenges your vocabulary, tests your typing skills, and stimulates your mind.

Literacy Skills

Media Smarts

Canada’s Centre for Digital and Media Literacy. Various links for different ages.

Literacy Skills

Motion Light Tab on YouT​ube​ and Online

Interactive ASL-English bilingual storybook apps that offer young visual learners unique and interactive reading experiences in ASL and English with animated illustrations that complement videos of ASL storytellers.

Literacy Skills


An online guided reading program that includes downloadable books and interactive activities (use student first name only).

Literacy Skills

Reading and Sign Language

For Deaf Signers learning Language, Parents, Teachers. This resource helps students understand print through sign language specifically for Deaf Signing Students.

Literacy Skills

Scholastic at Home

Day-by-day projects to keep kids reading, thinking and growing.

Literacy Skills

Storyline Online

Students can listen to Read Alouds of various picture books. The videos can be captioned to help ensure access. 

Literacy Skills

Unite for Literacy

Users can click through English-based text books page-by-page.  An additional language of reading can be chosen (19 language options). Books are organized into symbols-based categories. 

Literacy Skills

Typing Club or Dance Mat Typing

Touch typing practice for all students using technology.



Site specific to Ontario K-12 has digital manipulatives, resources, activities, videos and games.


TVO Numberblocks

TVO video series where young children can learn how numbers work through play and song.


Relation Shapes

Online resources with visual, spatial and reasoning puzzles.


University of Waterloo

Centre for Education in Mathematics. Lessons, interactive activities, enrichment activities, and opportunity for practice with feedback.   Look for their problem of the week.


Video: Building Math Skills at Home

For parents of children with learning disabilities, the LD@home website shares a video (11:29 mins) and a parent resource kit to support parents in building their child’s math skills at home.

The Arts


Free virtual instruments online.

The Arts

Chrome Music Lab on Google

Chrome Music Lab is a website that makes learning music more accessible through fun, hands-on experiments.

The Arts

Google Quick, Draw!

This activity is ideal for any age! Just draw the objects in the given time limit. 

The Arts

Lunch Doodles with Mo Willems

YouTube video with author, Mo Willems, featuring daily drawing activities and writing process inspiration (video length 22:04 mins).

Social Studies/History


Website from the American Museum of Natural History. Includes videos, hands on activities, games and stories for students.


Science Bob

High interest, random fact finding science segments, has a “read to me” feature and easy read for Read and Write.

Cooking Skills

Accessible Chef

The Accessible Chef is a collection of free visual recipes and other resources to help teach cooking skills to individuals with varied learning needs.

Cooking Skills

Teeny Tiny Foodie

Teeny Tiny Foodie has a collection of visual recipes that can be used with students of all ages. 

Social Skills & Self Regulation

Cosmic Kids

Yoga, mindfulness and relaxation videos.

Social Skills & Self Regulation

We Do Listen Foundation

Social skills stories for younger children.

Social Skills & Self Regulation

Breathe, Think, Do with Sesame Street

This video helps a character work through frustrating situations with strategy choices.

Social Skills & Self Regulation

Classroom Timers

This website includes a variety of fun countdown timers.

Learning Games

PBS Kids - Games

Games with varying topics for young learners (K-2). 

Learning Games


Students can practise a variety of skills through word games, math games, holiday games, strategy games and skills games.

Learning Games

Toy Theatre

Interactive educational games.

Health & Physical Education

Special Olympics Health at Home

The Special Olympics Healthy @ Home website provides tips and resources to Stay Connected, Stay Active, Stay Positive and Stay Informed. 

Health & Physical Education

Special Olympics Fitness Movies

Enjoy these entertaining fitness movies with Special Olympics athletes while improving your enduring, understanding your strength and boosting your balance. 

Health & Physical Education

Ophea Teaching Tools

Video and lessons are provided for practising health and physical education at home.