Policy and Procedure #422.0, Facility Partnerships

Executive Summary

The Facility Partnerships policy and procedure outlines the process by which the York Region District School Board endorses and encourages facility partnerships with partners that meet the Board’s partnership criteria, in both new and existing schools.

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Stakeholder Groups with Responsibilities under this Policy

  • Trustees
  • Director of Education
  • Associate Directors
  • Coordinating Superintendents
  • Plant Services
  • Planning Services
  • Finance Services
  • Child Care Services


Relationship to Board Priorities

The Facility Partnerships policy and procedure reinforces the Board’s commitment to the stewardship of Board resources and student achievement and well-being by ensuring innovative physical environments and demonstrating professionalism and accountability for high standards of practice in all Board operations.


Legislative Context

Education Act


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It is the expectation of the York Region District School Board that all employees, students and persons invited to or visiting Board property, or partaking/volunteering in Board or school-sponsored events and activities, will respect the policies and procedures of the Board.


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Board Policy #422.0 Facility Partnerships


1. Policy Statement

The York Region District School Board endorses and encourages facility partnerships with partners that meet the Board’s partnership criteria, in both new and existing schools, with the intent of improving services available to students, strengthening the relationships between the Board and the public, maximizing the use of public infrastructure, and providing a foundation for improved service delivery for communities through stronger links among programs and services. York Region District School Board partners will at all times retain responsibility for the programs and services they deliver, notwithstanding their use of York Region District School Board facilities.


2. Application

This policy applies to co-building opportunities with Board partners when undertaking major capital projects, and the leasing of space within existing schools, administrative buildings, and outdoor space owned by the Board.


3. Responsibilities


3.1 The Board of Trustees is responsible for:

  1. approving the Facility Partnerships policy;

  2. approving co-building partnerships;

  3. reviewing the Facility Partnerships policy in accordance with the priorities in the Trustees’ Multi-Year Plan and the approved policy review cycle; and

  4. understanding and communicating with members of the community about the Facility Partnerships policy, as required.


3.2 The Director is responsible for:

  1. implementing the Facility Partnerships policy.


3.3 The Associate Director(s) and Coordinating Superintendent(s) with the assistance of Plant Services, Planning Services and Finance Services are responsible for:

  1. identifying the location of all potential co-building opportunities, and the availability of appropriate vacant spaces within elementary and secondary schools;

  2. notifying partners regarding co-building opportunities for new school projects, major additions and renovations approved through the Capital Strategy; and which schools have available unused space suitable for partnership;

  3. scheduling a public meeting to discuss partnership opportunities with the public and community organizations;

  4. leasing appropriate vacant spaces at elementary, secondary schools, and administration buildings with Board partners; and

  5. developing and implementing co-building partnerships for schools where there is new construction, major additions or renovations.


4. Definitions


4.1 Partnership Criteria

Partnerships with the Board will be considered if they meet the following criteria:

  1. protect the health and safety of students;

  2. are of value to students and/or the community;

  3. are appropriate for a school setting;

  4. are compliant with local bylaws;

  5. do not compromise student achievement; and

  6. other criteria as determined by the Board.


4.2 Potential Spaces – Co-Building Opportunities

  1. Board partners will be notified of proposals to construct a new school or significant addition or renovation of a school under the following conditions:

  2. there is a minimum of three years prior to the anticipated school opening for a new elementary school and four years for a new secondary school;

  3. there is sufficient area on the site to accommodate the needs of the co-building partner without compromising the school program;

  4. the Board will be saved harmless with respect to design and construction costs, and the partnership will not compromise the scheduled opening date of the school; and

  5. other conditions as determined by the Board.


4.3 Potential Spaces - Existing Schools and Administration Buildings

The leasing of space within existing buildings will be considered under the following circumstances:

  1. there are excess pupil places available for at least a five-year period;

  2. the facility is not located within an area identified for a school accommodation review during the five years from the time the space is identified as available;

  3. the space is not required for other Board programming;

  4. separate access is available or can be created where appropriate;

  5. the ability to separate space used by community partners from the space used by students;

  6. suitable parking and access exists;

  7. the lease provides for the recovery of capital costs to create the facility where appropriate;

  8. the lease provides for the recovery of operating and renewal costs incurred by the Board, including major renewal costs, for both the discrete space and proportionate common area, administrative costs, and any costs borne by the Board to front-end lease hold improvements required to create such discrete space; and

  9. other conditions as determined by the Board.


5. Contact

Education and Community Services

Finance Services

Plant Services

Planning Services


6. History

Approved: 2011

Revised: 2015, 2016, 2021



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Board Procedure #422.0 Facility Partnerships


1. Procedure Statement

  1. This procedure outlines the responsibilities of the Board of Trustees, Director of Education, and staff with respect to the implementation of the Board policy regarding Facility Partnerships.


2. Responsibilities


2.1 The Director of Education shall:

  1. report to the Board on an annual basis regarding;

    • proposed additions and deletions to the Board partners list,

    • proposed changes to the partnership criteria,

    • proposed changes to the potential space criteria,

    • proposed changes to the leasing terms and conditions, and

    • leases entered into with Board partners; and

    • approve all lease agreements with Board partners.


2.2 The Associate Director(s) and Coordinating Superintendent(s) with the assistance of Plant Services, Planning Services, Finance Services, and the Coordinator of Child Care and Community Services shall:

  1. with respect to co-building opportunities;

    • identify all potential co-building opportunities based on the Board criteria, and the Board’s approved Capital Strategy,

    • circulate all potential co-building opportunities to the Board partners within 30 days of the approval of the Board’s Capital Strategy,

    • request that Board partners provide an expression of interest within 90 days of the circulation, and a commitment to enter into a co-building partnership within 180 days of the circulation. This commitment will include a letter of understanding which speaks to confirmation of space requirements, compliance with the new school schedule requirements, and financial and operational arrangements, and

    • review all potential co-building opportunities received and make recommendations to Property Management Committee with respect to such opportunities; and

    • with respect to leasing space;

    • identify on an annual basis, all spaces available for leasing based on the Board criteria,

    • circulate on an annual basis, all spaces available for leasing to Board partners,

    • review all submissions from potential Board partners and make recommendations to the Director. Such submissions to include financial statements where requested, an undertaking of the partners to conduct public/community meetings advising the community of the use of the facility, and acknowledgment of the requirement for criminal reference checks for all users/groups if approved, and

    • develop and administer all lease agreements with the Board partners based on the approved terms and conditions.


3. Board Partners

The following entities will be considered as partners within the Policy:

Entities that provide competing education services such as tutoring services, JK-12 private schools or private colleges, and credit offering entities that are not government-funded, are not eligible to become Board partners.

  1. co-terminus school boards;

  2. local municipalities within York Region and the Region of York;

  3. local colleges and universities;

  4. provincial and federal governments and Ministries;

  5. child care operators approved by the Board;

  6. agencies providing COMPASS programs;

  7. the Children’s Treatment Network of Simcoe York;

  8. agencies providing Section 23 programs;

  9. members of Children’s Mental Health Ontario; and

  10. other entities as determined by the Board.


4. Contact

Education and Community Services

Finance Services

Plant Services

Planning Services


5. History

Approved 2011

Revised 2015, 2016, 2021