Student Transportation

Student​ Transportation Services (STS) is a joint venture between the catholic and public school boards in York Region.

For information on bus routes, stop locations, bus times, late arrivals, cancellation, eligibility, registering a complaint, safety and general information, please visit the Student Transportation Services website or contact the York Region Student Transportation Services School Bus Information Line at 1-877-330-3001, accessible 24 hours a day.

Severe Weather Conditions

This includes extremely hot or cold temperatures, or a high ultraviolet index. We have procedures in place to prepare for and respond to extreme weather conditions to ensure student safety and well-being,
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Late or Cancelled Transportation (Bus & Taxi)

​Want to check is your bus is on schedule? A late bus report is available on the STS website.  

Transportation will be cancelled by 6:00 a.m. if road conditions are unsafe or are expected to deteriorate significantly by the time students are to be bused home.

Schools will remain open unless otherwise stated, even when buses have been cancelled.

To find out if transportation is cancelled, check: 

The Board is unable to cancel transportation in select areas or along selected routes.  Due to the integration of school bus routes across York Region, busing may have to be cancelled even if severe weather is affecting only portions of York Region.

If buses run in the morning, they must run in the afternoon. If buses are cancelled in the morning, they do not run in the afternoon. If you drive your child to school, or your child takes alternate transportation, you must make arrangements for your child to get home at the end of the day. 

Note:  There may be rare occasions when emergency weather conditions occur and we may need to close all schools and Board locations. At all times students should be aware of an alternative place to go should bus service be cancelled or delayed, or should schools be forced to close due to an emergency. For further detailed information on the York Region District School Board’s Student Transportation Policy and Procedure #680.0​.

Learn more about inclement weather, and important information for students and parents/guardians by visiting the Severe Weather Conditions webpage


Bus Safety

Students riding school buses must observe the following procedures:

  • Be at the bus stop five minutes before scheduled pick up.

  • Keep well away from the road until the bus has stopped. Do not go toward the bus until it has stopped.

  • Watch for the bus driver’s signal before crossing the road. Look both ways and then cross the road.

  • Board the bus quickly using the handrail and go directly to your seat.

  • Remain seated while the bus is in motion.

  • Do not eat or drink on the bus as these are prohibited.

  • Keep the aisle clear of books, knapsacks, lunch bags and other items.

  • Keep windows closed unless the driver permits you to open them and never put hands, arms, head or legs out of the window.

  • Never throw anything inside the bus or out of the window.

  • Talk quietly, so as not to distract the driver.

  • Use respectful language. 

Shouting, horseplay and fighting are strictly prohibited; students engaging in these activities will have their bus privileges suspended

What is Active School Travel?

A partnership between the York Region District School Board, the York Catholic District School Board, and the Regional Municipality of York
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