Procedure #NP336.0, Home Instruction

The Home Instruction procedure outlines the steps to be taken when a student requires home instruction.

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Who has responsibilities?

  • Director of Education
  • Superintendents
  • Principals
  • Home Instruction Teachers
  • Parents/Guardians


How is this policy and/or procedure related to Board priorities?

The Home Instruction supports the delivery of effective and sustainable educational programs by providing differentiated and relevant learning opportunities, resources and programs.


It is the expectation of the York Region District School Board that all employees, students and persons invited to or visiting Board property, or partaking/volunteering in Board or school-sponsored events and activities, will respect the policies and procedures of the Board.


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Board Procedure #NP336.0 Home Instruction

This procedure outlines the steps to be taken when a student requires home instruction.


1. Definitions


1.1 Home Instruction

Home instruction is a short-term intervention for students who are unable to attend school for medical or social emotional reasons.


2. Responsibilities


2.1 The Director of Education shall:

  1. allocate staff and resources to support the Home Instruction procedure.


2.2 The Associate Directors of Education shall:

  1. support the implementation of the Home Instruction procedure in schools.


2.3 Superintendents of Education shall:

  1. consult with the principal regarding any requests for home instruction;

  2. provide approval for home instruction up to four hours; and

  3. ensure each area maintains a list of students who are accessing home instruction including name of teacher assigned and end date.


2.4 Principals shall:

  1. discuss the student’s needs with the parent/guardian;

  2. determine if the student’s needs can be met through e-learning or other means;

  3. consult with the superintendent;

  4. ensure the appropriate documentation is completed including;

    • the Home Instruction Parental Consent form,

    • the Home Instruction: A Guide for Parents and Physicians,

    • the consent to exchange student personal information form to allow the sharing of student health information with the home instruction teacher,

    • the consent to exchange student personal information form to allow the obtaining of information from the doctor;

  5. determine;

    • the length of time (including end date),

    • number of hours for home instruction up to four hours, and

    • location of the home instruction;

  6. arrange for a home instruction teacher;

  7. ensure the teacher signs the Home Instruction Teacher Agreement;

  8. forward the Home Instruction Superintendent Approval Request form to Superintendent of Schools;

  9. process the home instruction teacher’s time sheets; and

  10. review the need for home instruction at the end date and further consult with superintendent regarding continued need for home instruction.


2.5 Home instruction teachers shall:

  1. consult with the principal about the number and length of sessions required, based on the needs of the student;

  2. sign a Home Instruction Teacher Agreement;

  3. contact the family and arrange dates and times for home instruction;

  4. coordinate work with the student’s home school to ensure continuity of learning and minimize disruption to the student’s achievement or provide a suitable program for the student based on their needs;

  5. regularly update the principal on the student’s progress;

  6. provide the student’s marks to the school when available; and

  7. maintain records of hours worked and provide timesheets on a bi-weekly basis to the principal.


2.6 Parent(s)/guardian(s) shall:

  1. complete all appropriate forms;

  2. ensure there is an adult present in the home for the duration of the home instruction;

  3. ensure there is a quiet location for instruction;

  4. support the completion of assigned homework; and

  5. understand that home instruction is an annual process.


3. Department

Student Services


4. Procedure History

Approved: December 2000

Revised: April 2009; December 2016

Working Document: June 2014; March 2015 Current Status: Final