Procedure #NP673.0, Registering Children in Care

The Registering Children in Care procedure addresses the steps to be followed when a student in the care of Children’s Aid Society is being registered at a school in the Board.

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Stakeholder Groups with Responsibilities Under this Policy

  • Director of Education
  • Superintendents
  • Principals
  • CAS workers
  • Foster parent(s)/group home provider(s)


Relationship to Board Priorities

This relates to the Board’s commitment to continuously increase student achievement and well-being through a culture of caring and learning, as outlined in the Multi-Year Plan.


It is the expectation of the York Region District School Board that all employees, students and persons invited to or visiting Board property, or partaking/volunteering in Board or school-sponsored events and activities, will respect the policies and procedures of the Board.


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Board Procedure #NP673.0 Registering Children in Care

This procedure outlines the steps to be followed when registering a student in the care of Children’s Aid Society (CAS). According to the Education Act all children in the care of the Children’s Aid Society are entitled to be registered at school without cost.


1. Definitions


1.1 Children’s Aid Society Worker

A staff person employed by the Children’s Aid Society (CAS) who has the responsibility to work with a family whose child is in CAS care. This could be an intake worker, family service worker or children’s service worker.


1.2 Foster Parent

A person in the community who cares for children in their home on behalf of the Children’s Aid Society.


1.3 Group Home Provider

A staff person who is employed by an agency that cares for children on behalf of the Children’s Aid Society.


1.4 Signing Authority

The person who is entitled to provide consent on behalf of parent(s)/guardian(s). This person will be the Children’s Aid Society worker, the Children’s Service Worker or the foster parent (in limited situations).


1.5 Pre-Registration Package

At the initial stage of a registration, the Children’s Aid Society worker will complete the package which will include information known about the student to assist with registration. The package will also include information regarding signing authority as well as information on access to the student by parent(s)/guardian(s) and other individuals.


2. Responsibilities:


2.1 The Director of Education shall:

  1. allocate staff and resources to support the Registering Children in Care procedure.


2.2 Superintendents shall:

  1. support schools, as required, to determine appropriate placements for students and to resolve issues regarding placement; and

  2. work with the Senior Manager, Administrative Services to consider requests for transportation.


2.3 Senior Manager, Administrative Services shall:

  1. provide support to superintendents with regard to requests for transportation to a school other than a student’s home school.


2.4 Principals shall:

  1. ensure that the Children’s Aid Society (CAS) worker completes a pre-registration package which should include a copy of the birth certificate or in the absence of such documentation, a letter indicating a birth certificate has been requested,

  2. the child’s most recent report card,

  3. a credit counselling summary (secondary school only);

  4. a signed consent to exchange information with the previous school board and other necessary agencies,

  5. details regarding access to the student,

  6. signing authority, and

  7. if applicable,

    • the child’s most recent Individual Education Plan (IEP),

    • an Identification, Placement and Review Committee (IPRC) statement of decision,

    • documentation of Special Education Amount (SEA) claim,

    • the child’s safety plan, and

    • assessment reports such as, but not limited to, psycho-educational, speech and language, occupational/physical therapy, behavioural and/or medical, and

  8. contact the sending school to obtain;

    • any missing documentation,

    • any other relevant information,

    • a recommendation regarding placement, and

    • the Ontario Student Record;

  9. determine the level of supports that are necessary;

  10. arrange a registration meeting depending on the needs of the student within five school days of receiving the pre-registration package, inviting;

    • the CAS worker,

    • biological/adoptive parent(s) and/or guardians, if appropriate,

    • foster parent(s) or group home provider,

    • guidance staff, if appropriate, and

    • the student services coordinator if student has special education needs that cannot be addressed by the school;

  11. ensure all registration documentation is completed in accordance with the School Admission policy and procedure;

  12. contact the superintendent of schools to discuss transportation options for students.

  13. ensure the student is aware of school policies and expectations, including but not limited to, the school code of conduct;

  14. determine class placement (elementary) or refer to the guidance department (secondary); and

  15. determine a start date of no later than two school days, or five days in special circumstances after the registration meeting.


2.5 Children’s Aid Society workers shall:

  1. contact the local school to advise of student registration;

  2. send the completed pre-registration package to the school principal;

  3. attend the registration meeting at the school or be available via teleconference

  4. ensure registration package is completed; and

  5. visit the school within 30 days of placement.


2.6 Foster parent(s)/group home provider(s) shall:

  1. attend the registration meeting at the school; and

  2. provide appropriate consent(s) when required.


3. Document History

Approved January 1985

Working Document June 2014

Revised March 2015