About College

Most college programs consist of a package of courses that will train you for a very specific area of employment. There are over 500 programs that are available through the 28 Ontario Community Colleges. Colleges offer many types of programs, including Diploma Programs, Advanced Diploma Programs, Bachelors Degree Programs, and Certificate Programs. College Graduate programs are not available for direct entry from high school.

How can you find the program that is the best fit for you?

  • Go to www.ontariocolleges.ca and click on Find a Program
  • Make a short list of programs of interest. Jot down any questions you may have about these programs.
  • Make a point of attending the annual College Fair in October. Ask your questions.
  • Reduce your list of programs of interest. Jot down any new questions you may have.
  • Make a point of attending any one of the many Pathways events at a local high school. Ask your questions.
  • Continue to reduce your list of programs of interest. Make good use of your guidance counsellor to assist with any further questions.
  • Your goal is to narrow your selections to a maximum of five choices with no more than three choices from one college.

Please Note:

  • The admissions requirements for most college diploma programs are college (C) preparation high school courses. They will accept university (U), university/college (M) and open (O) courses.
  • Many college diploma and advanced diploma courses will require a minimum number of senior high school M, U, or C courses.
  • Workplace (E) preparation courses are usually considered as elective credits, and cannot be used to meet the admissions requirements for English, mathematics and the sciences.
  • Some college technology programs (e.g. Civil Engineering Technology) require / prefer Mathematics for College Technology (MCT4C).
  • If you do not have the mathematics course that is required for your desired college program, contact your college and ask if they have any mathematics upgrading courses that would allow you to qualify for your desired program.
  • If a college program includes grades in its admission requirements, the college will make their initial conditional offer based on your grade 11 final marks. They then revoke the offer, if your grade 12 final marks do not meet the conditions that they listed in the initial conditional offer of admission. Colleges will NOT include co-op grades in the calculation of an admissions average.
  • If you wish to take a College Degree program, you must meet the same admissions requirements for university before you can apply to the Degree program. This will usually require 6 grade 12 university (U) preparation, or (M) university/college preparation high school courses. If you need help with your research, please make an appointment to see your Guidance Counsellor.