Human Rights Policy #240

Policy and Procedure #240.0, Human Rights: Code-Related Harassment and Discrimination

Policy Statement

York Region District School Board (YRDSB or Board) believes that each person has the right to learn and/or work in an environment that protects, promotes and supports human rights. Board Policy and Procedure #240.0, Human Rights: Code-Related Harassment and Discrimination (Policy #240) supports a working and learning environment that is free of discrimination and harassment. The Board is dedicated to providing welcoming, safe, caring and inclusive schools and workplaces and will act promptly on all complaints in accordance with principles of human rights. The Board is firmly committed to meeting its obligations under Ontario’s Human Rights Code (the Code) in addressing human rights complaints in a fair, equitable and timely manner. 2.



Policy #240 applies to all members of the Board community. Compliance with Policy #240 is expected in all internal and external relationships.

Policy #240 is not intended to discourage or prevent persons from exercising any other legal rights they may have pursuant to any other law, including the right to file a complaint with the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario or any other administrative law process.

Policy #240 does not in any way supersede any provisions on discrimination and harassment that already exist within collective agreements the Board has with various employee groups.

Policy #240 outlines the process for addressing allegations of harassment and discrimination that violate Ontario’s Human Rights Code. Personal (non-Code) harassment matters will be dealt with under the Violence Prevention and Intervention and Non-Code Workplace Related Harassment – Employees policy and procedures.

Complaints of discrimination and/or harassment against a trustee will be investigated under the Trustee Code of Conduct. The Board strives to be accessible and, as such, is committed to providing reasonable accommodation for its constituents whose circumstances pertain to defined protected grounds under Ontario’s Human Rights Code.

The HRCO Complaint Pathways graphic provides a visual representation of different pathways for making a complaints within the Board.


YRDSB Policy Comparison

Policy #240​Human Rights: Code-Related Harassment and Discrimination​​To address allegations of Code-based discrimination or harassment.​
Policy #250​Violence Prevention and Interventions and Non​-Code Workplace Related Harassment - Employees​To address incidents of non-Code harassment or violence directed toward ​staff members.
​Policy #242​Standards of Conduct​To address allegations of behaviour by a staff member or member of school community that violates professional standards, statutory law, or Board policies and expectations.
Policy #668​Caring and Safe Schools​To address allegations of inappropriate conduct by a student.
Trustee Code of Conduct​Trustee Code of Conduct​To address allegations of inappropriate behaviour by a Trustee.
​Policy #267​Supporting Community Concerns​To address community concerns not appropriately addressed by other Board policies.​