Schools Closed to Students

The Ministry of Education has announced that all schools will remain closed to students beginning April 19. Please do not send your child to school. Remote learning will continue during this closure.

Autism Acceptance Month

Last updated December 22, 2020

April 2nd marks the 14th anniversary of World Autism Acceptance Day. World Autism Acceptance Day Raise the Flag celebrations will take place on Tuesday, April 6th, 2021 in schools and municipalities across Ontario. ​​The YRDSB will raise the flag at EC Aurora.

This year, we are moving from raising awareness for Autism to increasing acceptance.

Acceptance and awareness come from vastly different mindsets. Awareness emphasizes the differences and distance between our ways of being while acceptance looks at commonalities we share and at the strength inherent in diversity. (Autistic Self Advocacy Network, 2014)

Schools and classrooms throughout the YRDSB will be actively engaged in learning and are encouraged to tweet about World Autism Acceptance Day on our new Official Student Services Twitter account @YRDSB_SS.