Family-Teacher Interviews

There are many ways families can support their child’s learning.  

Family-Teacher Interviews or Student-Led Conferences give you an opportunity to connect with your child’s teacher to:

  • Discuss your child’s learning and progress
  • Share important information about your child’s social, cultural and academic experiences within and outside of school, including interests, strengths and goals.
  • Ask how your child’s teacher is supporting your child’s learning.

You will be notified by your child’s schools when family-teacher interviews/ student-led conferences are taking place. 

You can also contact your child’s teacher or school staff any time you have questions or concerns. 

How to Book a Family-Teacher Interview

Many schools are now inviting families to book a time for their family-teacher interview online using Edsby.  Your school will let you know if this is available and when booking is available. 

Tip Sheet: Booking Parent-Teacher Interviews in Edsby 

Booking online is optional, and families can also contact the school directly. 


Family Engagement

Families are our most important partners in student learning. There are many other ways you can engage in your child’s learning.