Museum and Archives Provides Hands-On Learning for Students in One-Room Schoolhouse

The York Region District School Board Museum and Archives acquires, catalogues and preserves archival records and artifacts related to public education in York Region.

Located in a one-room schoolhouse built in 1872, the Museum and Archives collection reflects the vast changes that have happened in public education spanning the past 150 years. They also provide educational programming for students, and host a number of virtual exhibits. 

"When students come to this program, I'm hoping that they remember and have this be a really memorable moment where they had an opportunity to do some experiential learning," said Christina Blake, Education Programmer, Museum and Archives. "They also had an opportunity to be a historian and learn how important it is for history to be told from many different perspectives and making sure they see themselves in this curriculum as well."  

"We also want to make history come alive," said Rebekah Mitchell, Curator, Museum and Archives. "So, by having students come here, we really want to immerse you in the story, to be able to understand how the past is really important to understanding the future."

Learn more about the Museum and Archives, including some of their recent work on the No. 2 Construction Battalion Map and the Standing in the Doorway Virtual Exhibit.  



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