School Safety

Staff at the York Region District School Board take the matter of student safety very seriously. Conscientious staff vigilance combined with appropriate security features have contributed to a very positive safety record in York Region public elementary and secondary schools. We are ever mindful, however, of the need to strengthen and improve procedures and practices as part of regular school improvement reviews.

Visitor’s Policy:
The Board has a Visitor’s Policy that requires all visitors to report to the main office upon entering a school. Schools are required to post appropriate notices to this effect. Where individuals do not report to the office, staff members are required to redirect them as required.

Security features:
Most of our schools have closed circuit televisions surveillance equipment located in strategic locations throughout the school property. Security resources are closely monitored and assessed on an ongoing basis.

Additional safety measures:

  • Each elementary school adheres to the Safe Welcome program, which all doors are locked following entry in the morning until the end of the day.
  • Each school manages its internal procedures regarding students moving throughout the school (e.g., going to the washroom) during instructional time. School councils are involved in ensuring that these procedures address the safety and security of each student.
  • Staff members and students are encouraged to be vigilant at all times when moving about the school and to report any suspicious situations to the office.

Community Partners:
All schools maintain a close working relationship with York Region Police and crime prevention partners. School councils are encouraged to participate in this partnership.