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Range of texts focusing on sharing diverse experiences (historical and present day) of Canadians.Available in English and French. Historica is committed to “helping to build a better Canada that amplifies missing voices.”


How do I access the tool?

No password is required. Visit the Historica Canada website to access resources.


Tips for using the tool

  • Click on “Francais” in the top left hand corner to access the materials in French.


Canada History Week Digital Magazine

Every November, Canada History Week provides all Canadians with the opportunity to learn more about people and events that have shaped the country we know today. Canada History Week is a great time to discover more about our history. 

Explore past themes 

2022: The History Of Arts, Culture, And Creators In Canada.

2021: Indigenous History: Learning about Indigenous Leaders, Language Revitalization, and Cultures.

2020: Exploring the History of Canada’s Environment and Climate.

2019: Working for the Future: a century of change in how Canadians work.

2018: Science, Creativity and Innovation: Our Canadian Story. Explore some of our past themes
to earn even more.

2017: Human Rights in Canada: Challenges and Achievements on the Path to a More Inclusive and Compassionate Society.



Historica Canada