Media Smarts

These resources on media and digital literacy are also available in French. This website includes resources for parents, students and teachers on topics including:

  • cybersecurity
  • online relationships
  • collaboration
  • privacy management
  • online safety
  • Ethics
  • critical thinking
  • diversity in media
  • excessive internet use
  • online hate
  • marketing & consumerism


How do I access the tool?

No password is required. Visit the Media Smarts website to access resources for students and parents. 


Tips for using the tool

For parents/guardians, teachers and students. Media literacy generally focuses on teaching youth to be critically engaged consumers of media, while digital literacy is more about enabling youth to participate in digital media in wise, safe and ethical ways. 

  • Hover over the Digital & Media Literacy tab to see the issues that are covered.
  • Parents tab includes guides and tipsheets.
  • Choose e-tutorials and workshops to learn more and test your knowledge.


Media Smarts