Students Gain Practical Experience in College Workshops

Over 130 students gained hands-on experience in fields such as electronics, coding, architecture and energy systems in a post-secondary environment at Centennial College.

Students from Bayview S.S., Unionville H.S., Milliken Mills S.S. and Richmond Green S.S. visited the Centennial College Progress Campus to participate in workshops tailored to their Specialist High-Skills Majors programs. Students had an opportunity to learn more about post-secondary environments, meet faculty, visit classrooms and gain new skills.

"I think this is a great opportunity for kids in high school to explore different opportunities to see what they're interested in or, to check out something they might have not thought about before," said Emily, a Grade 11 student at Unionville H.S. "I think it's important to actually see what it's going to be like in post-secondary and to actually be in the classrooms."

"It provides hands-on experience. It provides practical experience. It shows what post-secondary might be like in the future if I want to pursue my post-secondary in this college specifically," said Raymond, a Grade 11 student at Milliken Mills H.S. 

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