YRAACC Sankofa Mentoring Program Nurturing Black Cultural Identity

The York Region Alliance of African Canadian Communities has created a mentorship program that is aimed at connecting youth in the community with their Black cultural identity, the Sankofa Mentoring Program.

This program focuses on creating a safe space for discussion and exploration of cultural heritage, particularly for youth born in Canada who may not feel rooted in their Black identity. Mentors emphasize the importance of being present and facilitating conversations around cultural identity, helping participants feel welcome and connected.

Students have the opportunity to participate in activities such as learning about Black history, playing games, and engaging in group discussions about heroes and values. Parents also have the chance to participate in engagement sessions focused on topics like intergenerational trauma and the importance of community reflection. Overall, the program aims to empower youth and foster a sense of belonging and pride within the Black community. Learn more at https://yorkregionaacc.ca/. 

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