Policy and Procedure #160.0 Records and Information Management

Policy and Procedure #160.0 Records and Information Management outline the process for ensuring information is managed as an asset to help the Board perform optimally. The Records and Information Management Program works to maximize the value of information, mitigate litigation and compliance risks, and save money.

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Stakeholder Groups with Responsibilities Under this Policy

  • Board of Trustees

  • The Director of Education

  • Assistant Manager, Records Management/MFIPPA

  • All staff members



Relationship to Board priorities

  • Demonstrates professionalism and accountability for high standards of practice in all Board operations.

  • Enhances confidence in public education.


It is the expectation of the York Region District School Board that all employees, students and persons invited to or visiting Board property, or partaking/volunteering in Board or school-sponsored events and activities, will respect the policies and procedures of the Board.


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Board Policy #160.0

Records and Information Management


1. Policy Statement

The York Region District School Board is committed to maintaining an authentic and reliable record of Board actions, transactions and decisions through a coordinated and integrated approach to records and information management. These assets are valuable as evidence of Board functions and activities.

Board information and records are the property of the York Region District School Board. Staff members do not retain a personal or proprietary interest in them. The willful destruction, removal or private use of Board records and information is against Board policy.

All media and formats of information serve to enhance accessibility, integrity, regulatory compliance, and security as well as to control their proliferation and the resulting costs and risks.


2. Application

The management of Board records and information:

  • fosters informed decision-making;

  • facilitates accountability, transparency and collaboration;

  • preserves and ensures access to records and information for the benefit of present and future generations, in accordance with applicable legislation;

  • enhances accessibility, integrity, regulatory compliance and security; and

  • controls information proliferation and the resulting costs and risks.


3. Legislative Context

Education Act


4. Responsibilities


4.1 The Board of Trustees is responsible for:

  1. reviewing the Records and Information Management policy and procedure in accordance with the priorities in the Trustees’ Multi-Year Plan and the approved policy review cycle; and

  2. understanding and communicating with members of the community about the Records and Information Management policy, as required.


4.2 The Director of Education is responsible for:

  1. implementing and operationalizing the Records and Information Management policy.


4.3 The Assistant Manager, Records Management is responsible for:

  1. establishing, implementing and maintaining a records and information management program that manages information optimally and best serves the interests of Board schools, departments and by extension, the community.


4.4 Staff members are responsible for:

  1. managing and maintaining the information and records they create, in accordance with the Records and Information Management policy and all related Board policies, procedures and supporting documents.


5. Definitions


5.1 Information

Facts and data acquired through reading, study and experience. Information produced for any purpose of the Board is a Board asset.


5.2 Non-records

Non-records include, but are not limited to library and reference materials, stocks of publications and forms, extra copies for convenience, duplicate microfilm, transitory records, and personal papers.


5.3 Record

A Record is preserved Board information that serves as evidence of plans, decisions, actions and history. Record formats include paper, electronic, audio and visual.


5.4 Records and Information Management

The planning, directing, controlling and evaluating of information assets to assist in the efficient delivery of Board programs and services. It applies to all business and program applications and information technology systems.


5.6 Transitory Records

Any record or information that does not relate to school services and programs and school business transactions.


6. Department

Business Services


7. Policy History

Approved 1993

Revised 1999

Revised 2004

Working Document June 2014 Revised March 2015


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Board Procedure #160.0

Records and Information Management

This procedure outlines the process for effectively managing and protecting Board information assets.


1. Responsibilities


1.1 The Director of Education shall:

  1. allocate staff and resources to support the Records and Information Management procedure.


1.2 The Assistant Manager, Records Management shall:

  1. assess school and department practices and processes to improve how records and information are managed;

  2. generate and maintain documentation to support records and information management including, but not limited to, classification schema, records inventories, schedules of retention periods and disposition schedules;

  3. inventory school and department records and information and apply classification codes and retention periods;

  4. oversee the management of inactive records storage;

  5. oversee the management of expired records destruction;

  6. ensure the provision of service components for schools and departments such as, but not limited to archives management, forms management, retention scheduling, filing systems, legal issues, information security, and ethical and quality issues;

  7. create training materials, offer training opportunities, and assist staff members in their workplaces to manage records and information;

  8. conduct audits to ensure compliance with the policy and procedure;

  9. identify suitable documents for the archives in cooperation with the Museum and Archives Curator;

  10. oversee the application of legal holds to records and information, as required; oversee the management of records storage, ensure that records are properly stored, and within limits of authority, participate in negotiation of vendor contracts; and

  11. continue to incorporate all electronic records into the records and information management program.


1.3 Staff members shall:

  1. maintain all records and information in a secure, reliable and trustworthy manner for current and future access;

  2. assume responsibility for the information and records they create and maintain on behalf of the Board in accordance with Classification and Retention Schedule and Records Transfer List ; and

  3. refrain from the willful destruction, removal or private usage of Board records and information, unless in accordance with Board retention schedules.


2. Definitions


2.1 Archives Management

Archives management is the identification and preservation of records and information that promote the history of public education in York Region as well as the application of preservation techniques to ensure enduring accessibility.


2.2 Classification Schema

Classification schema is the descriptive information for an arrangement or division of records and information into groups based on common characteristics which are, in this schema, subjects, for example finance and administration.


2.3 Forms Management

Forms management involves documenting information handling instruction on blank forms to ensure the proper management of the collected data.


2.4 Legal Hold

Legal hold is a process used to preserve all forms of relevant information when litigation is reasonably anticipated. It overrules the prescribed period of retention until the concern passes.


2.5 Retention Schedule

The retention schedule charts the prescribed lengths of time for keeping various classes of records.


3. Department

Business Services


4. Related Procedures

Procedure #158.0 Information Access and Privacy Protection

Procedure #NP656.0 Ontario Student Record Management

Procedure #NP655.0 Central Transcript Services


5. Procedure History

Approved 2009

Working Document June 2014

Revised March 2015


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