Procedure #NP335.0, Lunch Period Responsibilities - Elementary

Procedure #NP335.0, Lunch Period Responsibilities - Elementary addresses lunch period responsibilities for staff members, parents/guardians and students.

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What has changed?

Summary of Major Changes to the Document

Language updated to reflect current practice.

Who is affected by these changes and what is the impact on current practice?

No changes to current practice.

Implementation Timelines


Lead Superintendent and/or Subject Matter Expert

Allan Hoyle, Superintendent of Schools – Operations and School Community Services


Questions for Consideration

Specific questions for consideration.



Who has responsibilities?


How is this related to Board priorities?

This supports the Board priority of supporting student well-being, including providing caring and safe learning environments.


What are the next steps?

Recommendation: That in accordance with Board Policy #285.0, Board Policies, Procedures and Supporting Documents, Working Document Lunch Period Responsibilities be circulated to the system for comment for six school months.

If approved at the Senior Team Meeting, this policy will be posted and adopted by the system as a Working Document for six school months. Comments will be received for six school months and will be considered by the Senior Team at its May meeting.


How do I find out more or provide feedback?

Questions about this policy and/or procedure should be raised with your principal, manager or supervisor. If additional clarification is required, principals, managers and supervisors may contact the lead superintendent and/or subject matter expert.

In accordance with Board Policy #285.0, Board Policies, Procedures and Supporting Documents, the Board welcomes all comments and suggestions on Board policy.

Input is an important component of the review process. If you feel a policy and/or procedure needs to be revised, it is most helpful if you:

  • outline clearly the specific section(s) of the policy and/or procedure in which you are not comfortable;

  • the reason(s) for your concern(s); and

  • suggest specific alternate wording to reflect your position.

Specific recommendations or questions about the policy and procedure review process should be submitted via e-mail to, or to the attention of the Assistant Manager, Board and Trustee Services at or 905-727-0022 extension 2217 or mailed to The Education Centre - Aurora.


Document History and Previous Versions

Approved 1993 - Policy

Revised 1998 - Policy

Revised 2004 – Policy

Replaces Policy #335.0, Lunch Period Responsibilities – Elementary Schools Approved 2009

Working document November 2014


It is the expectation of the York Region District School Board that all employees, students and persons invited to or visiting Board property, or partaking/volunteering in Board or school-sponsored events and activities, will respect the policies and procedures of the Board.


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Board Procedure #NP335.0 Lunch Period Responsibilities - Elementary Schools

This procedure outlines lunch period responsibilities for staff members, parents/guardians and students.


1. Definition


1.1 Lunch period

Lunch period is a time designated by the principal during the elementary school day in which instruction is not taking place and during which students eat lunch, followed by a period of break time. The lunch period does not include recess.


2. Responsibilities


2.1 The Director of Education shall:

  1. allocate staff and resources to support the Lunch Period Responsibilities – Elementary Schools procedure.


2.2 Principals shall:

  1. establish the time of the lunch period and communicate it to the school community;

  2. establish school lunch policy in the context of school organization and the number of students who remain at school for lunch;

  3. establish a procedure for students who leave school property during the lunch period;

  4. ensure the needs of students who have a medical condition are met when establishing school lunch policy;

  5. ensure supervision of lunch areas by assigning staff members and hiring assistants where required;

  6. annually review with school council school lunch policy, including students who leave school for lunch; and

  7. inform parents, in writing using forms provided in the school start-up package, that the school has no responsibility for students who leave the school property without prior authorization.


2.3 School Assistants shall:

  1. follow the direction of the principal; and

  2. understand that they are directly responsible to the principal.


2.4 School staff members shall:

  1. ensure that students do not leave school property without permission; and

  2. follow principal direction with regard to assigned supervision at lunch.


2.5 Parents/guardians shall:

  1. ensure school procedures are followed to permit their child(ren) to leave school property at any time, including lunch.


2.6 Students shall:

  1. follow guidelines established in the school’s lunch policy; and

  2. not leave school property without permission.


3. Department

Education and Community Services


4. Procedure History

Approved 1993 - Policy

Revised 1998 - Policy

Revised 2004 – Policy

Replaces Policy #335.0, Lunch Period Responsibilities – Elementary Schools Approved 2009

Working document November 2014