Family Start-Up Forms

Parents/guardians received an email from YRDSB Update with important school start-up forms to complete. It is important that these forms are completed as soon as possible at the start of the school year as they contain important information and permissions. 


The forms can be found at

Secondary school students can complete the secondary school student form at Elementary school students do not need to complete these forms. 

You must be signed in to your child’s student GAPPS account to complete the form. 

Please note: 

  • You must be signed in to your child’s student GAPPS account to complete the form. Please remember to sign out of one student account before signing into another. 
  • The forms should be completed for all students, whether they are attending school in person or participating in remote, online learning. Your child’s school will access the information.
  • If you prefer to complete the forms on paper or have questions about the information in the forms, please contact the school office.
  • Parents/guardians must complete a separate form for each child attending school. Please ensure you log out of one student account before logging into another. You will not be able to submit the form twice logged into the same student account. 


How to Complete the Forms

Go to


Click on the red Start-Up Package button in the language of your choice. 

Translations will be available soon.


If you are not already signed into your child’s account, you will see a sign-in screen. 

  • Type in your child’s GAPPS identification (  
  • A new login screen will appear. 
  • Enter the student GAPPS user name and password. If you do not know this information, please contact your child’s school. 

More information is available on signing into Google Chrome and using Google Suite



If you are already logged into the student GAPPS account, or once you log in as above, the forms will open. 


Complete the information and click next at the bottom of each screen. 

There are two mandatory forms and two optional forms. To skip the optional forms, scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Next.” 


Mandatory questions are marked with a red asterisk. 

On the last page, click Submit to submit your forms. Your child’s school will be able to access the information. 


If you have any changes to your child’s information throughout the year, please send to your school in writing. 

Family Startup Forms