Frequently Asked Questions

Technical Issues

Contact your teacher who can open a service desk ticket to address these issues.

Logging out of Chrome will reset the browser back to its original state. More information on Google Chrome Profiles can be found here.

Contact your teacher or school and a ServiceDesk ticket will be created for follow-up.

This is due to extra characters in the URL address of the shortcut. Please make sure that the address is with no characters after this. 

The Chromebook and Hotspot devices have been paired to only work together. The HotSpot device will not pair with other non-YRDSB devices (SEA devices being the exception).

Not every Google extension is available for use. Only Board-approved extensions can be installed. New extension requests can be completed by your teacher.

Account/Login Issues

Contact your teacher who can assist with this information for you.

Contact your child's home school for assistance with your EDSBY parent account username and password. Your child's home school is the school your child would have attended prior to becoming a virtual learner.

Contact your teacher who can change it for you.

Do not add “” after your user name.

Contact your teacher who can change your password and request that IT Services investigate.


Request for loaner technology must be made to the student's home school Principal/Vice-Principal, who will submit a tech request on your behalf. Once the request is processed, the technology package will be couriered to the student's home.

You can use the Google TakeOut tool to export your information that can then be uploaded to a personal Gmail account. Visit to use this service.

All requests received are being processed as quickly as possible. Contact your school administrator or teacher for follow up. Do not ask to resubmit the request as this will create duplicate requests. All duplicate requests received are flagged and investigated thereby extending the timing of the shipment of your technology.


Chromebooks are specially configured devices built to Google specifications and utilize an operating system designed by Google called ChromeOS. These devices are “cloud” based devices meaning that applications and services are typically provided through the internet to the devices. This differs from PC’s or Macs that usually have software and services installed locally on the device itself.

A cloud-based learning management system software program for grade K-12 students, parents and teachers.

GAPPS is an acronym for Google Apps which is the older name Google used for their learning platform and have since rebranded this name to GSuite for Education.

SEA stands for Special Equipment Allotment. SEA is special funding provided by the provincial government to be used to provide technology and other equipment to students with identified special needs.