Carpentry Class Hits the Right Note as Students Make Their Own Guitars

A group of students at Unionville H.S. are making their own electric guitars in a carpentry class.

Students are building their carpentry skills, and learning more about career options and apprenticeship opportunities. In addition to learning how to plan, and use the machines safely and effectively, students are also learning about the importance of trying new things and learning from mistakes. 

“My dream is to be in architecture, build a house. Learning to know the basics is really important,” said Hayley, a Grade 12 student at Unionville H.S.

“I’m learning a lot of different skills, like how to use the machines and a lot of perseverance through this experience,” said Emily, a Grade 11 student at Unionville H.S. 

The students also had the opportunity to learn more about carpentry as a career from Andrew Edwards, a Red Seal Carpenter. Edwards visited the class and shared his experiences with the Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program and the profession.  

“I'm hoping the students can walk out of here and kind of make a decision on whether or not an apprenticeship is right for them,” said Edwards. 

“The only way we’re going to figure out what we want to do for the rest of our lives is to try different things,” said Andrew Dennis, Technology Teacher, Unionville H.S. “In school here, I’m here, I’m helping you, I’m showing you what to do. If we can try some stuff in here and see if we like it, hey, maybe that’s a career one day.”

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