Pathways Planner / Course Selection

My Pathway Planner is an interactive Education and Career/Life Planning Tool. It supports students in exploring career options, managing online course option selection for secondary school, developing interactive portfolios of learning and planning for their initial pathway destination.

All YRDSB students will use My Pathway Planner as their Individual Pathways Plan (IPP) portfolio to support their Education and Career/Life Planning. Students from Grades 8 through 12+ will also perform their secondary school course selections through the High School tab on the My Pathway Planner site.

How do I access the tool?

Grades 7-12+ students are directed to sign into  ‘My Pathway Planner’ on the YRDSB public site or on their home school webpage. On the log-in page, students will select the ‘EDU’ Domain and enter their YRDSB Student Number and Password.  After successfully logging in they will be redirected to the Career/Life Planning tool.

Tips for using the tool 

For more information, please visit the My Pathway Planner and the Individual Pathways Plan pages.


Skills Zone offers games and supports for My Pathway Planner.  Videos from employers in different sectors to support transitions.


Find FAQs on developing an Individual Pathways Plan


Pathways Planner / Course Selection