Create My Plan - Individual Pathways Plan (IPP)

As you move through school and in life, you will make many choices about your education and career plans. 

Individual Pathways Map

To learn more about creating your IPP check out frequently asked questions below:

The Individual Pathways Plan (IPP) is a planning tool that students use as they proceed through school towards their initial post-secondary destination.

All students in grades 7 to 12 will have a web-based IPP which they will review and revise at least twice a year.

Your IPP will be stored and kept up to date throughout the years by using the web-based My Pathway Planner tool. You can access the tool from your school webpage or through the Online Student Tools button on the YRDSB homepage.

No.  The program is web-based. You can access your IPP from any computer or digital device. 

Yes, you can access your IPP wherever you have internet access.  You can update and revise your IPP as often as you wish.

When you log on to your My Pathway Planner.  You will be able to select a number of different options to explore.  All information will be saved for future revision and reflection.

You will receive IPP information at your school.

Beginning in Grade 7, you will create an Individual Pathways Plan (IPP) and start recording:

  • what you have learned about yourself
  • opportunities available to you
  • your goals
  • plans to achieve your goals

The IPP is based on four questions to help you plan your initial post-secondary destination.

Who Am I?

How would I describe myself right now (strengths, interests, values)?

How can I connect who I am to the choices I make?

What are my opportunities?

​What opportunities should I try while I’m in school?

What is my play for achieving my goals?

What are my goals now and for the near future?

Where can I find information about my initial post-secondary destination?

Who do I want to become?

How do I develop and review my plan?

Who can support me in achieving my goals?