Secondary School Programs and Opportunities

There are many opportunities beyond the regular classroom to explore your education and career choices. 

* Please note, not all programs are available at every school. 

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Pathways Programs

College Delivered Dual Credit Courses - In Grade 11 or 12, you can earn credits in a college environment while still in secondary school.

Cooperative Education - In Grade 11 and 12, you can earn credits through the integration of classroom theory with practical experience in the workplace.

Exploring Opportunities Program - A specialized opportunity if you are interested in the trades and technology and want to explore workplace or apprenticeship pathways.

High-Performance Athlete Program - You can apply to a regional school that focuses on healthy, active living and sport and supports both your academic and athletic goals.

Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program - In Grade 11 or 12, you can start your investigation and training in an apprenticeship trade through the cooperative education program.

Specialist High Skills Major - You can specialize in an economic sector of interest while in secondary school by choosing courses related to that sector and participating in a number of planned experiential opportunities, such as co-op, field trips and post-secondary tours.

School Within a College (SWAC) Program - Students can complete their high school diploma, earn college-level credits, and learn in an adult learning environment in a college setting.

York Region Skills Challenge - Compete against fellow students in skills-based challenges

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Specialized Programs

Advanced Placement (AP) - you can pursue university-level studies while in high school. Based on your performance on a standardized exam, you can earn a credit, advanced placement or both for university.

Arts You can pursue an intensive arts-focused program in dance, visual arts, music (vocal or instrumental) or drama.

Aquatic Leadership Program - A program offered by the York Region District School Board and City of Markham allows secondary students to earn a secondary school credit while also earning lifeguarding certification and lifesaving instructor qualifications.

French as a Second Language - Learn more about French immersion at the secondary level and other French as a Second language programs. 

Gifted ProgramGifted Programming is accessed only in Grades 9 and 10 with identification through the IPRC process. For more information about the requirements, please visit the gifted screening procedure.

International Baccalaureate (IB) Programme - You can apply for an internationally recognized enriched curriculum across six subject areas.

Personalized Alternative Education - You can earn credits in a smaller class environment with personalized timetables and alternative learning approaches to meet your individual needs.


Other Learning Opportunities 

Athletics -Learn about athletics opportunities in secondary school. 

Mathematics - Learn more about what students learn in secondary school mathematics and find resources to support math learning. 

Night School Credit Courses - You can earn credits in other ways. 

(PLAR) Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition - Students attending regular day school may receive credits through the Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR) Challenge by successfully completing a formal evaluation and accreditation process. 

School-Work Transition Programs - School-work Transition Programs are specialized programs that prepare students for employment or self-employment.

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