Developing and Reviewing My Plan

How do I develop and review my plan?


idea, plan, action

How you approach your Individual Pathways Plan (IPP) is as individual as you are. You will have opportunities at school to update your IPP but you can access it anytime and on any digital device. This is your plan to help you record and organize information, opportunities and experiences throughout school.


How do I access my IPP?

Your IPP will be stored and kept up to date through the web-based tool, My Pathway Planner.


How do I use the IPP?

When you log on to your My Pathway Planner. You will be able to select a number of different options to explore. All information will be saved for future revision and reflection.​


How do I review and revise my plan?

You will access your IPP at least twice a year. You may find that your goals and plans need to be changed as a result of recent accomplishments, new experiences, new knowledge and reflections.

Remember that you should think of the IPP as ...

My Plan, My Future, My Life!