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Course Descriptions and Prerequisites
The Secondary Course Calendar available through My Pathway Planner ​at your school will list prerequisites courses under each course description.
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Selecting the ​Right Course Type

Selecting courses that meet your needs is the first step to experiencing success in secondary school. Deciding which course type is best in each subject area is an important step in building this success. 


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In Grades 9, students are able to take De-streamed, Academic, Open or Locally Developed courses.

In Grade 10, students are able to take a combination of Academic, Applied, Locally Developed or Open courses.

With planning, students will be able to transition between course types as they move through secondary school. Your guidance counselor will help you to choose appropriate courses throughout secondary school as students plan for their initial post-secondary destination.

Students do not need to make course selection decisions alone! Consult with your parent/guardian,  teachers, or guidance counselor when making course selections.


Course Prerequisites

As you plan your courses throughout secondary school it is important to be aware of course prerequisites.

What is a course prerequisite? A prerequisite is a course which must be successfully completed before taking the course that follows.

E​xample: Grade 10 Academic Science (SNC2D1) is the course prerequisite for Grade 11 University Physics (SPH3U1)

The Secondary Course Calendar available through My Pathway Planner ​at your school will list prerequisites courses under each course description. 

General Course Descriptions and Prerequisites are also available in My Pathway Planner.  

Using My Pathway Planner to track your planned courses and find out initial post-secondary pathway options that are available. As you move through secondary school, you may find that your interests or your initial post-secondary destination plans may change so tracking credits in My Pathway Planner helps to ensure you are aware of options.