School Board Creates Student Equity Committee (Video)

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York Region District School Board has created a student equity committee to ensure that students throughout the region have a voice in making schools more inclusive.

The pilot Regional Student Equity Committee is comprised of 24 elementary and secondary school students who represent different identities and regions throughout the Board.

The students meet on a regular basis to engage in conversation and learning, exploring social identity, equity and inclusion. Students will also have an opportunity to share their recommendations on creating more inclusive learning environments. The committee is currently helping to plan the first United Voices Student Conference for students in Grades 7-10.

“We recognize that students of marginalized identities continue to be underserved resulting in their underperformance. In an effort to foster student voice and agency as we work to support all of our students, we are excited to be piloting the Board’s first Regional Student Equity Committee,” said Aneta Fishman, Principal, Equity Education, York Region District School Board.

Elevating student voice in learning, assessment and decision-making is one of the goals in the Director’s Annual Plan, and part of the Multi-Year Strategic Plan priority to empower ethical leadership.

York Region District School Board is the third largest school district in Ontario with over 124,000 students in 177 elementary schools and 33 secondary schools. York Region students consistently perform above average in provincial testing and the Board is one of the top achievers in Ontario. For more information about York Region District School Board, please visit the Board website and follow @YRDSB on Twitter.

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News Release