School Streets Pilot To Support Active School Travel

The School Streets Pilot launched this week at John McCrae P.S. will help to create safer streets and encourage students and families to walk or bike to school. 

School Streets are temporary road closures of streets in front of schools during peak school drop-off and pick-up times. They create car-free zones that facilitate a safer environment for active school travel by restricting traffic during these peak times. 

This week, York Region District School Board, City of Markham and Region of York Region launched  the pilot at John McCrae P.S. This is the first project of its kind in York Region. During the pilot, Stricker Avenue will be closed with limited access for the four Wednesdays in May during school drop-off and pick-up times.

“The school streets pilot is part of our ongoing work to support students and families in choosing active travel to school. Walking or biking to school benefits student health and well-being, learning, social connections and more. We are grateful to have this opportunity to work in partnership with the City of Markham and the Region of York to create safer streets and encourage our students and families to adopt healthy and active lifestyles,” said York Region District School Board Chair Allan Tam. 

“We would like to thank our families, students, staff and community members for their support in the progress we have made in getting everyone walking more. These partnerships are important in helping us all better understand the importance of getting out and walking or cycling. The benefits to our children, and to adults, is easily measured in our health and well-being,” said Helen Hart, Principal, John McCrae P.S. 

“Thank you to all the children and families that walked to school today for our Active School Travel/School Streets pilot.  Without everyone of you this would not have been the success it was.  Looking forward to seeing everyone again over the next three Walking Wednesdays continuing to make this pilot a success and keeping our children and families safe, coming to and from school,” said Nadia, a parent champion at John McCrae P.S.

The school streets pilot is part of the Markham Active School Travel Pilot, a program being funded by Green Communities Canada. It is helping to build a culture where not only is active school travel a day-to-day habit but a culture that values the benefits of sustainable travel not only for themselves but for their community and future generations to come. 

For more information visit Markham Active School Travel and York Region District School Board Active School Travel.

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