Arts - Elementary

What are Students Learning?

The Arts are taught in the kindergarten program and the Grades 1-8 curriculum. Students in all elementary grades learn in, through and about the Arts. The Creative Process and the Critical Analysis Process are embedded in all facets of the arts curriculum as students work to achieve the expectations.

The Creative & Critical Analysis Process The Creative Process consists of eight stages that describe how art is created:  1) Challenge / Inspire: creative ideas, 2) Imagine / Generate: brainstorm 3) Plan / Focus: gather information 4) Explore / Experiment: practice 5) Produce Preliminary Work: create 6) Revise / Refine: refine and rework 7) Present / Perform: share with audience and 8) Reflect / Evaluate: next steps and celebrate success. The Critical Analysis Process consists of four stages that describe an ongoing reflection process: 1) Initial Reaction, 2) Analysis and Interpretation, 3) Consideration of Cultural Context, and 4) Expression of Aesthetic JudgementThere are four strands in the Elementary Arts Curriculum:

  • Dance
  • Drama
  • Music
  • Visual Arts

Arts Curriculum

The Ontario Elementary Arts Curriculum outlines:

  • curriculum expectations
  • fundamental concepts in the arts
  • the creative process
  • the critical analysis process
  • how students and parents can support arts learning
  • and more 


YRDSB also has a specialized arts program for students in Grades 5-8 at Baythorn Public School, as well as specialized programs in secondary school.

Multi-Coloured Pencils
Students at a school working on an art project.