Schools Closed to Students

The Ministry of Education has announced that all schools will remain closed to students beginning April 19. Please do not send your child to school. Remote learning will continue during this closure.

Significant Faith Days

York Region is rich in culture and diverse in religious beliefs and practices based on faith.

The dates listed below are some faith holidays of particular significance to members of the major faith communities in our Board. We are committed to affirm and value equally the faith diversity in our schools, therefore, events such as field trips, school concerts, conferences, meetings, workshops, other professional events, co-curricular activities, and exams/tests will not be scheduled on these dates:

DateHoly DaysFaith
July 31, 2020Eid-ul-Adha* **Islam
September 19-20, 2020Rosh Hashanah **Judaism
September 28, 2020Yom Kippur **Judaism
November 14, 2020DiwaliHinduism
December 25, 2020Christmas (Western)Christianity
January 7, 2021Christmas (Eastern)Christianity
February 12, 2021Lunar New YearBuddhism
March 28, 2021Pesach/Passover **Judaism
April 2, 2021Good Friday (Western)Christianity
April 14, 2021VaisakhiSikhism
April 20, 2021RidvanBaha’i
April 30, 2021Holy Friday (Eastern)Christianity
May 13, 2021Eid-ul-Fitr* **Islam


* Tentative dates subject to the sighting of the moon each month.
** All Judaism Holy Days commence on the preceding evening at sunset.

Exceptions are sometimes made in the case of extended field trips. These exceptions are made with Superintendent approval and take into consideration the impact to students participating, the availability of learning opportunities and their educational value.

Please note that in addition to the above-listed dates, YRDSB will take reasonable steps to accommodate students and staff members of a faith group for whom the Board’s and the school’s operations or requirements create undue hardship and interfere with their ability to exercise their religious beliefs and practices.

These dates may include, but are not limited to the following:

DateHoly DaysFaith
August 29, 2020AshuraIslam
October 3-9, 2020SukkotJudaism
October 11, 2020Simchat TorahJudaism
November 1, 2020All Saints’ DayChristianity (Western)
November 30, 2020Birthday of Guru Nanak Dev JiSikhism
January 5, 2021Birthday of Guru Gobind Singh JiSikhism
February 17, 2021Ash WednesdayChristianity (Western)
March 20, 2021Naw RuzBaha’i
March 20, 2021Naw Ruz (Ismaili)Islam
March 21, 2021Naw Ruz (New Year’s Day)Zoroastrianism
March 29, 2021HoliHinduism
March 28-April 4, 2021Pesach/PassoverJudaism
April 20-May 1, 2021 RidvanBaha’i
April 13-May 13, 2021RamadanIslam
May 26, 2021WesakBuddhism
May 17-18, 2021ShavuotJudaism
June 21, 2021National Indigenous Peoples DayIndigenous

The Board also advocates the recognition of faith days as outlined in the Multifaith Calendar, throughout the school year and recommends that individual schools, in consultation with their School Councils, develop appropriate ways of celebrating such significant days in keeping with inclusive curriculum.
This list does not represent all observances practiced by YRDSB diverse-faith community.

For additional information please contact your school’s Principal or Superintendent.​​