Students Encouraged to Stay Active During Winter Walk Month

York Region District School Board is encouraging students and families to walk to school this winter and celebrate Winter Walk Month.

To recognize Winter Walk Day on February 7 and the start of Winter Walk Month, a group of Kindergarten students at Aurora Grove P.S. are sharing some tips to make winter walking fun and safe. 

“Active school travel like walking benefits students and families physically, mentally, academically and socially,” said Reena Mistry, Senior Planner, York Region District School Board. “Winter Walk Month is a great time to remind students and families of these benefits and that active travel doesn’t need to stop when the weather gets cold.”

Here are a few tips to help you stay safe and enjoy winter walks to school.

  1. Dress for the weather. Wear layers. Don’t forget your hat and mitts.
  2. Protect your feet. Wear warm socks and winter boots. They will protect your feet from snow, rain and cold and have good grips.
  3. Be visible. Wear bright clothes, stay on the sidewalks and make sure cars can see you when you cross the road. 
  4. Allow a little more time. Prepare your winter gear the night before, and give yourself a little more time to walk to school.
  5. Try walking like a penguin. It’s fun and practical. 
  6. Enjoy the snow. Catch snowflakes, talk about what you love most about the winter. 
  7. Obey road signs. The seasons change but road safety rules remain. Stop at roads and crosswalks. Cross with a crossing guard where possible. Look out for cars. 
  8. If you are driving, please follow the road rules and remember that our school zones re busy with students and families. 

To learn more about the benefits of active travel, visit Hear from the Kindergarten students on Instagram @yrdsb.schools.  

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