Tip Sheet: Logging into Google Chrome

What is Google Chrome?

Google Chrome is a web browser used for accessing web pages on the internet. 


Why would someone need it?

Logging into Google Chrome with your google account will allow extensions, bookmarks and preferences to be synced across all your devices.


What is it used for? 

This is particularly important for accessing board provided extensions such as:  Read&Write for Google Chrome and EquatIO.


Where is it used? (Desktop/Browser extension) 

Web browser.


Tip Sheet


Helpful Videos

How to Turn on Sync in Google Chrome


Logging Into Google Chrome​

​Step-by-Step Instructions​​Visuals 
​1. Open the Chrome Browser. 

If you are using a Chrome book and have logged in with this account: studentnumber@gapps.yrdsb.ca you will already be logged into Google Chrome.

Please note: If you are using the same Chromebook for multiple people, you will need to be sure that the correct account if logged in. If you need to log out, simply sign out of your Chromebook and sign back in with the correct user's details. 

Chrome Browser icon
​2. Click on the account icon (grey circle with the head) in the top right hand corner.Arrow is pointing at the generic Google account icon.
​3. Select the + Add button at the bottom of the popup.Account popup.  Arrow pointing to add.
​4. Type in your child's name and then press Add. Google Chrome popup.  Arrow pointing at add person then add button.
5. Do not click "Get Started."  Select "Already a Chrome user? Sign in."Welcome to chrome page.  Arrow pointing at Already a Chrome user?  Sign in
6. Type in your child's 9 digit student number/username (provided by your child's teacher) with @gapps.yrdsb.ca at the end.Sign into Chrome pop up. Arrow is pointing at email or phone number box. Arrow then points at Next button.
​7. After logging into Chrome, you need to log into the YRDSB network. Type in your child's student number/username ONLY and password (provided by your child's teacher). Select "Log Me In To Google."YRDSB sign in pop up.  User name  is highlighted.   
Password  is highlighted. Arrow points to Log Me into Google button.
​8. In the popup window, select "Never."Chrome browser save password pop up.  Arrow is pointing at Never button.
​9. On the Google verification page, press "Continue" to verify that it's you.Google verification pop-up. Arrow is pointing at Continue button.
​10. In the pop-up window, select "Link data." This wil allow all the features associated with your child's account to appear on any device they are logged into.Link my Chrome data account pop up.  Arrow is pointing at Link Data button.
​11. Select "Turn On."Turn on sync pop up.  Arrow is pointing at Turn On button.



Logging Out of Go​ogle Chrome


Step-by-Step Instructions​Visuals ​
1. To ​log out of Google Chrome, go back to the account icon (grey circle with the head) in the top right corner.Screenshot of extension tool bar.  Arrow is pointing at the generic account icon.
​2. Select "Sync is on."Account pop up. Arrow is pointing at sync is on button.
​3. Select "Turn off."Settings page.  Turn off button highlighted.