Tip Sheet: Installing EquatIO

What is EquatIO?  

A tool that supports the input of math and math problem solving on the computer


Why would someone need it?  

To show their math thinking


What is it used for? 

 Writing math in a digital format


Where is it used? (Desktop/Browser extension)  

Google Chrome extension


Additional Resources: 


Installing EquatIO


Step-by-Step Instructions


Please log into Google Chrome using your child’s account. The account username looks like this for all students: studentnumber@gapps.yrdsb.ca.

Your child’s student number and password is provided by their teacher.


If you are using a Chromebook and have logged in with this account: studentnumber@gapps.yrdsb.ca. You will already be logged into Google Chrome. 


If you require more assistance please visit: Instructions to log into Chrome: 

Arrow is pointing at the Google account icon in extension toolbar. In the pop-up the student number before @gapps.yrdsb.ca is highlighted.

  1. Visit the Google Chrome Store to Install it.


EquatIO Chrome Web Store  

Screenshot of Chrome web store with chrome icon

  1. Click “Add To Chrome”.

Equatio extension page.  Add to Chrome highlighted

  1. Click Add extension.

Add Equatio pop up.  Add extension highlighted.

  1. You will see a notice that the “EquatIO has been added to Chrome”.

Equatio installation complete pop up