HRCO Resources

The HRCO uses various resources to support YRSDB students, parents/guardians, staff and other community members in understanding their rights and responsibilities when dealing with human rights issues in our schools and Board offices.

The Board recognizes that education about human rights is key to preventing discrimination and harassment. Policy and Procedure #240.0, Human Rights: Code-Related Harassment and Discrimination (Policy #240) applies only to areas of discrimination and harassment related to the protected Code grounds set out in Ontario's Human Rights Code (the Code).

To ensure transparency and accountability, the HRCO submits an annual report to the Board that details the activities of the HRCO during each reporting year (September to August).

HRCO Annual Reports

There are 17 protected grounds of discrimination (Code Grounds) under the Human Rights Code.

Ontario's Human Rights Code 17 Grounds of Discrimination Ontario Human Rights Code 17 Grounds of Discrimination


Education and Training

The HRCO also provides human rights education and training opportunities for Board staff, students and/or Trustees. More information about learning and training for staff is available on the BWW.

Report a Human Rights Issue

The HRCO Reporting Form is available for anyone in the Board community to report a human rights violation.
HRCO Reporting Form