Guideline for Policy and Procedure Review

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The Board’s policy and procedure development and review process is a collaborative process involving trustees, staff, school councils and members of the educational community.

The following questions are taken into consideration by trustees, staff members and various other stakeholders engaged in the review process when recommending changes to Board policy and/or procedure:

  1. Does the policy and/or procedure support the learning, achievement and well-being of students and staff and align with the Board’s Mission, Vision and Values?

  2. Does the policy and/or procedure align with the Multi-Year Plan, the Director’s Annual Plan and Board, School and Workplace Improvement Plans?

  3. Has the policy and/or procedure been reviewed through the equity and inclusivity lens?

  4. Is the policy and/or procedure written in plain language that is clear to all staff and our parent and school communities?  What changes, if any, are recommended to the wording?

  5. Who will be impacted by these changes?  How will they be impacted?  Who else needs to provide input into this document and how?


As outlined in Policy and Procedure #285.0, Board Policies, Procedures and Supporting Documents, parents, staff and other members of the educational community are encouraged to seek clarification about Board policies and procedures through their school principal, manager or superintendent (where applicable) and provide feedback on policies and/or procedures that are related to their role, through their school council, principal, manager or superintendent (where applicable).

When providing input on Board policies and procedures, the following questions should be considered:

  • Does the feedback align with the role of the school council or advisory committee or my role with the Board?

  • Does the feedback support Board priorities, including, but not limited to, the Multi Year Plan, Director’s Annual Plan and the school or department improvement plan?

  • Does the feedback represent the needs of students, staff and other members of the educational community?

  • What other factors might trustees and staff members need to be aware of in making any future revisions to this policy and/or procedure?


Formal comment may be submitted, in accordance with the processes outlined in Policy and Procedure #285.0, Board Policies, Procedures and Supporting Documents, at, via fax at 905-727-3984 or sent in hard copy format (contact us) to the attention of the Policy Officers.

Your feedback should include the following: 

  •  identification of the specific section(s) of the policy and/or procedure you would like to see addressed;

  • a rationale for the concerns; and

  • specific, alternate wording to reflect the position of the person(s) submitting a response.


Policy and By-Law Committee
December 2022


Please contact the Policy Officers, if you have any questions about the policy and procedure review process.

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