Schools Closed to Students

The Ministry of Education has announced that all schools will remain closed to students beginning April 19. Please do not send your child to school. Remote learning will continue during this closure.

Multi-Year Strategic Plan

As the governing body of the York Region District School Board, trustees are required to establish an annual MYSP to guide system direction for a four year period. The MYSP is a reflection of emergent priorities identified by our educational communities.

Over the next four years, the Board will focus on the priorities of well-being and mental health, equity and inclusivity, collaborative relationships and ethical leadership.

The Board is committed to continuous improvement and feedback from all members of the community. The MYSP is a living document reviewed annually by the Board of Trustees. We encourage you to review the priorities of the plan and provide your feedback by contacting your local Trustee.

Foster Well-Being an​d Mental Health

We create safe, healthy and inclusive learning and working environments.

Champio​n Equity a​nd Inclusivity

We develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes to remove barriers in support of all learners.

Build Colla​borative Relationships

We built trusting relationships based on respectful and responsive communication.

Empower Eth​ical Leadership

We lead ethically by focusing on students and upholding our values.​


YRDSB Multi-Year Strategic Plan