Director's Annual Report

Louise Sirisko

Each year, we share the progress we’ve made as a Board towards meeting our goals. We also highlight the outstanding work of staff, students and partners that is reflective of the entire YRDSB community in their efforts to inspire learning. In the 2018-19 year, staff worked alongside trustees to strengthen our board.

The priorities of the Trustees’ 2018-2022 Multi-Year Plan are to foster well-being an​d mental health; champio​n equity a​nd inclusivity; build colla​borative relationships; and empower eth​ical leadership.

Throughout 2018-19, we focused on meeting our goals for inclusive and fair teaching and learning environments that support the achievement and well-being of all YRDSB students.

Some notable accomplishments in this area include:

  • The collection of data through a student census survey to better understand our diverse student population, identify barriers to student success and create more equitable and inclusive school environments.
  • The creation of a Student Equity Committee.
  • Anti-Black racism training provided to over 12,000 school staff on the October 21, 2019 Professional Activity day.
  • Staff and students expanded their knowledge of Indigenous cultures and history through student-led workshops,curriculum learning and connections with Indigenous communities.
  • The completion of an Employment Equity Plan based on a workforce census and employment systems review.
  • Implementation of a Strategic Leadership Plan with a strong focus on equity and ethical leadership to ensure an equitable workplace.
  • The launching of a new website for the YRDSB Human Rights Commissioner’s Office.​

I am looking forward to working with our Board of Trustees on supporting the priorities of the 2018-2022 Multi-Year Plan in conjunction with the Director's Action Plan. I encourage you to read the rest of our annual report on this website, follow us on social media, and connect with your local school​ to find out more about how we Inspire Learning!


Louise Sirisko