Multi-Year Strategic Plan Consultations

York Region District School Board revised its Multi-Year Strategic Plan (MYSP) following Town Halls held across the region. As the governing body of the York Region District School Board, the Board of Trustees is responsible for setting the strategic direction of education in York Region public schools. The MYSP incorporates the direction established by the Trustees with feedback received from all stakeholders, and will inform decision making at the Board in the years to come.

Town Halls were held across the region from April 16, 2018 - May 6, 2018 and feedback was collected from families and community members and developed into a report​ to inform the new MYSP. Trustees received over 2,000 responses. The Board of Trustees would like to thank everyone who attended a Town Hall or provided feedback through the online survey.

Trustees are committed to gathering public feedback to inform the creation of a new MYSP. As such, invitations to attend a Town Hall or fill out the survey were issued to:

  • YRDSB families and community members
  • Advisory Committee members and Audit Committee members
  • YRDSB Students
  • YRDSB Senior Team staff
  • Attendees at the Regional Parent Symposium
  • Unions and Federations
  • School councils
  • All YRDSB staff
  • Local Municipal Councils
  • Region of York
  • Local MPPs
  • Community Partners/Agencies

Also, the survey and Town Halls were communicated to the public by the following means:​

  • YRDSB website
  • Twitter
  • Letter to all families
  • Internal email to staff
  • School Newsletters
  • Advertisements in local newspapers​

Over the next four years, the Board will focus on the priorities of well-being and mental health, equity and inclusivity, collaborative relationships and ethical leadership.

The Board is committed to continuous improvement and feedback from all members of the community. The MYSP is a living document reviewed annually by the Board of Trustees. We encourage you to review the priorities of the plan and provide your feedback by contacting your local Trustee.