Election​​ of Officers for 2020

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Yesterday, at our annual inaugural Board meeting, the trustees elected our officers of the Board. I am humbled to serve this year as Board Chair.  

I am pleased to congratulate Trustee Allan Tam who was elected as Vice-Chair and Trustee David Sherman who will serve again as Budget Chair. I also want to offer my thanks and congratulations to past Chair Juanita Nathan for the leadership and commitment she demonstrated over the past year serving as Chair of the Board.

The past year has brought with it some unique challenges and has pushed us to adapt to new ways of learning and working, but as a Board of Trustees we remain committed to moving forward the four priorities outlined in our Multi-Year Strategic Plan:

  • Fostering Well-Being and Mental Health

  • Building Collaborative Relationships

  • Empowering Ethical Leadership

  • Championing Equity and Inclusivity

We also remain committed to keeping students at the centre of our work and providing the support to raise the achievement and well-being of our underserved and underperforming students. 

While we may be delivering learning in new ways and have some new routines and health and safety protocols in the classroom, there are some things that have not changed. Our students are at the heart of all that we do. We want the best for each and every student in our care and will strive to achieve that every day.


Cynthia Cordova​

Board Chair