School Renaming ​Process

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Reflection is critically important for good decision making.  While this process is often invisible to our community, I think there are times when we need to publicly share our thoughts.  The harm caused through the current renaming process in the City of Vaughan warrants this degree of openness and acknowledgement.

Our words and actions have not consistently aligned with the intentions with which we began the renaming process last fall.  We wanted and needed to address the anti-Black racism associated with Benjamin Vaughan’s history.  We have not done this well and hurt has resulted.  This is contrary to our commitment to inclusion and respecting community voices.  We are listening to feedback and will correct this and future processes as needed so that our goals, and our values are clear.

The Town Hall on February 17th was part of the original consultation plan.  It was meant to offer an opportunity for dialogue that simply is not possible with online surveys.  We remain committed to hearing your thoughts and want to reassure you that we will do so within a safe and inclusive environment.  Given the context leading up to this conversation, you may want to share your perspectives on this process and how we can improve.  Your feedback is encouraged.

As details of the February 17th Town Hall meeting are finalized, we will communicate them to you.


Cynthia Cordova​, Board Chair