York Region Elementary School Athletic Association (YRESAA)

The York Region Elementary School Athletic Association (Y.R.E.S.A.A.) has been in existence since 1981. The Y.R.E.S.A.A. was started to create opportunities for students to participate interschool competition throughout the region. Presently, the Y.R.E.S.A.A. represents coaches and students from over 180 schools in a variety of individual and team sports. At present there are nine sports recognized at the regional level.

The sports are, in order of occurrence;

  • Cross country
  • Intermediate Volleyball
  • Junior Mixed Volleyball
  • Intermediate Basketball
  • Junior Basketball
  • Badminton
  • Special Needs Track and Field
  • Track and Field

The region is divided into four geographic regions; North, Central, East and West. Competition takes place at the area level and then the winners of each area tournament or meet compete at the regional level. For a complete list of all area and regional competitions click on the Calendar of Events link.



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