Athletics - Elementary

Athletics and organized sports have an important place in the education system and contribute to the health and well-being of students. In support of athletics at the elementary level, the York Region Elementary Athletic Association coordinates and encourages participation in athletic activities.

The aim of the York Region Elementary Athletic Association (YREAA) is to make the fullest possible contribution to the health, happiness and physical well-being of elementary school students by sponsoring well organized athletic activities and competition. The organization’s objectives are to encourage inter-school athletics, the advancement of physical education and promoting a sense of fair play in a manner consistent with the aims and objectives of the York Region District School Board. The five Board sanctioned sports that the YREAA is responsible for are:

  • cross-country
  • basketball
  • volleyball
  • badminton
  • track & field 

The YREAA Executive Members are comprised of York Region District School Board teachers, administrators, and superintendents. The executive is further arranged into a coordinating convener for boys and girls’ athletics and three representatives from the four quadrants of the board (North, Central, East, West). The YREAA meets four times during the school year to guide elementary athletics and create learning opportunities through sport.

There is no cost to students participating in YREAA sanctioned inter-school competitions, except for any transportation costs incurred by the school. There may be additional costs associated with participating in non-YREAA invitational competitions. 

Students participating in extracurricular athletics will be asked to complete the Informed Consent Agreement – Sport and Emergency Contact Information forms for each sport they are participating in.