High Performance Athlete Program

What is the High Performance Athlete (HPA) Program?

A ​specialized, cooperative education program, for students who are competing at the provincial, national and/or international level. In HPA, students practice and demonstrate, through a cooperative education program, the knowledge and skills acquired in the classroom, to their training/competition setting.

The HPA program is made up of:

  • the HPA cooperative education course; and
  • a subject-related course.​

A student may earn up to two co-op credits for each subject-related course they take. There is no limit to the number of credits a student can earn through cooperative education (Co-op) programming as long as you have a related course to link the Co-op to.

HPA co-op is the same as any other curriculum course:

  • it is taken for either a semester/full year; for 1 period, 2 periods (half day); or 4 periods (full day);
  • it has curriculum expectations;
  • work is assessed by the Co-op teacher and the placement supervisor (in this case the coach or trainer);
  • it meets the requirements for an OSSD and/or SHSM diploma


Who is it for?

HPA is co-op programming tailored to meet the learning needs of students who are committed to focusing on their long term career objectives while accommodating competitive training needs. Criteria for consideration/acceptance into HPA programming is based upon:

  • eligibility of the sport based on Board Qualifying Eligibility Document*
  • level of competition (provincial, national or international);
  • the # of hours committed to training;
  • the learning needs of the student;
  • training season;
  • completed application process; and
  • a program readiness assessment.
  • Coaches Reference Form

To access HPA programming students must apply for Co-op and have a pre-placement interview with the teacher.

Students and their parent/guardians must commit to the protocols set out in the HPA Protocol Agreement

*Please speak to your school's Co-operative Education Head for qualifying sports.


What are the benefits of HPA programming?

HPA programming provides students with an opportunity to:

  • access individually tailored Co-op courses
  • earn credits towards their OSSD while training and competing.

A listing of schools which offer the HPA program can be found on the Secondary School Programs at a Glance page.


Who do I see in the school for more information about the HPA program?

See the Co-operative Education Head or Guidance/Career Education Head in your school.

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